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Germany To Become Nuclear Free Within 11 Years

From Clayton on Tuesday 31st May 2011


On Monday, in the wake of the disaster in Japan , Germany became the first major industrialised power to agree an end to nuclear power, with a total phase-out to be completed by 2022.

Chancellor Angela Merkel told an eager audience that the decision marked the start of a fundamental rethink of energy policy for the world’s fourth biggest economy.

In March, Chancellor Merkel had engaged an expert commission on nuclear power to look into the safety and sustainability of German Nuclear Power Stations in the fallout of the Fukushima disaster.

The decision to de-activate the plants is born from the outcome of this report.

She stated “we must have a new approach to the supply network, energy efficiency, renewable energy and also long-term monitoring of the process.”

The decision means Germany that will have to find the 22% of its electricity needs that were covered by nuclear power from other sources, including renewables. It is hoped that this new route would create an economy with affordable and sufficient energy supply, climate protection and independent from energy imports.

Italy scrapped nuclear power in 1987, one year after the Chernobyl disaster, while neighbouring Switzerland said last week it would phase out atomic energy by 2034.

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