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Best taxi driver ever!!

From Lauren on Sunday 15th May 2011

I woke up yesterday morning after a night out on the town only to find out I have somehow managed to lose my phone. No idea where, when or how, just that it was gone and I wasn’t happy. I rang and rang and rang and no answer! Called the places I had been and still no joy.

Finally, just as I was about to go and buy a new one (I am lost without a phone!) I get a call on my house phone. ‘Hi hello, I think you left your phone in my taxi last night’!!

‘I’m sorry I didnt answer you earlier, I was working the late shift and was fast asleep when you called’

I’m not on till later but if you give me your address I can drop it around to you later if that suits’.

Wow, amazing, legend, gentlman of a taxi driver. Thank you Dave, you have restored my faith in humanity. There are truly great people out there and you are one of them.

I just had to share this good news. I am delira to have my phone back!!!!